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Made to measure according to your requirements

Toolmaking is one of our central services. We design and build high-precision cutting tools and produce all die casting moulds exactly according to your design specifications. In doing so, we rely on proven external partners with whom we have been working successfully and in a spirit of trust for many years. We check the results meticulously and accurately. From mould making, including maintenance and servicing of die casting moulds, to deburring cuts and jig making – at Schlicht Druckguss you will receive competent advice and all-round support.

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With a plan to the goal

Our experts will design and build die casting moulds, cutting tools and machining fixtures for you that will ensure optimum results. Because whatever the product, the purpose determines the design. That is why individuality and efficiency must come first in every project. Good planning creates the best basis for this. Only when it is convincing can the next steps be taken. At Schlicht Druckguss, this applies to very simple constructions as well as to special machine construction. Whether it's mould making, tool making or jig making, the process steps are basically similar:

Step 1: Consultation and exchange (definition of requirements)
Step 2: Planning phase (software-supported pre-construction)
Step 3: Manufacturing (prototype creation, testing, series production) 

Safety through experience

In-depth expertise, many years of experience and design know-how – these are the qualities that have distinguished our die casting foundry for decades. In tool and mould making, we use modern design software and clever, partly automated machines. Only experienced specialists from our team work on the realisation of the deburring cuts as well as the machining and measuring devices.

Complete solutions from a single source

We are happy to take care of the entire realisation process from conception to prototype design and mould construction to series production. Thanks to our experience, we can advise you well on all questions and are sure to find optimal solutions to problems.