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Certified environment & energy management

We are thinking about the future

We take our responsibility to people and to the environment very seriously. As a business with high energy requirements we are always striving to make our production processes as efficient and sustainable as possible. We are reducing our energy consumption to the necessary minimum. In order to manage our internal processes as effectively as possible, we employ our own environmental manager. Since 2012 Druckguss has been certified in accordance with the environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001:2009.

The success of our company shows that ecology and economy need not be mutually exclusive and this is confirmed by the positive response from our growing customer base. As an energy-intensive business, we want to make an active contribution to protecting the environment, particularly given the growing scarcity of resources and the increasing strain on the environment. We see every employee as sharing the responsibility of realising this company philosophy by using energy sparingly in their everyday working life. Together with our customers, suppliers and staff, we are meeting the challenge of making environmentally friendly working a reality. Along with an economical use of energy, this also includes optimum use, i.e. minimum quantities, of all manufacturing supplies and other materials. It goes without saying that all statutory provisions and specifications must be adhered to.

Download certificate environment management

Download certificate energy management

Certificate ernergy management
Certificate environment management