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Processing – the complete range of services

Approximately half the workforce at Schlicht Druckguss is engaged in processing. Whether it is die cutting, grinding, CNC processing or surface treatments - we cover the complete range of services. Work is carried out using the very latest tools and machinery, with a 3 shift operation in order to be able to easily cope with larger capacities. This includes the use of 7 powerful CNC machines for high-precision product processing. The items we produce are characterised by extremely fine tolerances.

Special assignments

We don’t just deal with standard machining work on behalf of our clients. We are also able to handle requests for the professional execution of other highly complex assignments. The work is carried out in part by long-standing and well-established partners. This includes, for example, degreasing components to prepare them for subsequent coating, the production of thoroughly polished surfaces, painting services and much more. Our benchmark here is always precision down to the smallest detail.

Everything from a single source 

We see ourselves first and foremost as a partner in our clients’ success and so we support them right up to pre-assembly or system installation for all components in any area. We seek to understand their processes and tasks and work with them to identify the appropriate solution. Our supply works on a just-in-time basis. This avoids unnecessary storage or delays in the production process. It saves time and money. As a result, we provide optimal manufacturing processes which meet your requirements.

The stamping facility
CNC processing
Also CNC processing
Another view of CNC processing
A view of our finished products