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Die casting plant in Holzminden

Know-How for the success of our customers

When the company was founded in 1948, Schlicht Druckguss initially specialised in the production of zinc die cast components because there was a great need for these items. Today our business is focused on manufacturing aluminium die cast products. We own over 15 modern, high-performance die casting machines for aluminium. Some of these are completely automated, others partially automated. On average each year we handle around 1,700 tonnes of aluminium. Currently we have 7 smelting plants to produce the liquid metal. All work is carried out in compliance with the strict statutory regulations and in accordance with the very highest safety and quality standards. We have the capacity for small-scale production (e.g. for mechanical engineering) as well as for large-scale manufacturing with unit quantities in excess of 1 million (e.g. for the automotive supplier industry).

Our automated die casting machines with clamping forces of 100 to 800 tonnes are used for the mass production of items in various aluminium alloys with unit weights from 5 to 3,000g. Alongside the DIN standardised die casting alloys, we can also manufacture special application-specific alloys with particular physical and mechanical characteristics.

Material properties


We predominantly handle the following materials or alloys:

226 D
AC-AlSi 9 Cu3(Fe) D

230 D
AC-AlSi 12(Fe) D

231 D
AC-AlSi 12 Cu1(fe) D

108 D
Autodur D
AC-AlZn 10 Si 8 Mg(Fe) D

239 D
AC-AlSi 10 Mg(Fe) D

Silumin Delta
(not standardised)

Casting robots in action
Staff at the casting unit